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Ultimate time-saver in
the Auto hauling industry!

Are you a dispatcher tired of juggling multiple load boards and constantly refreshing your browser? Discover a more efficient way to find and book loads with Dispatchly.


We work with the best Boards


How it Works

Dispatchly makes it easy to search, view, bid, and book on the best loads for you and your buisiness



See 100% of the market in a single place



Use powerful filters to find your next great load faster



Bid, book and manage your business without having to switch between apps

Why Dispatchly

All in one place

As before

Dispatchers in the auto hauling industry spend significant time monitoring load boards, managing multiple tabs, setting up filters for each board, and manually checking for new loads.


With us

Dispatchly consolidates all load board information into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Set up your filters once, and let Dispatchly do the heavy lifting.



Save up to 60% of your time spent on finding loads. More efficiency, less stress.

Time-Saving Load Monitoring:

Stop wasting time reloading load board pages. Access all your load board information from a single dashboard.

Simplified Tab Management:

Say goodbye to multiple tabs. View all your load boards simultaneously on one screen.

One-Time Filter Setup:

Set up filters once and apply them across all your load boards. Focus on the loads that matter to you.

Instant Notifications:

Receive real-time updates about new loads via your preferred messaging platform. Be the first to know and the first to book.


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Road Map

Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and objectives for Dispatchly from 2023 to 2024.

Market Research and Innovation


Conducted extensive market research, leading to the strategic decision to develop a multi-load board notification system for enhanced efficiency.

Q1 2023

Successful Launch of Dispatchly Board


Successfully launched the Dispatchly Board, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionizing the industry.

Q3 2023

Mobile App Release

That will expand our customer base by attracting drivers as separate users. This step will help us attract more paying users, increasing our revenues and user base.

Q1 2024

Analytic Data

Offer more tools for clients. We'll focus on incorporating statistical data to empower dispatchers with market insights for route planning and efficient freight searches.

Q3 2024

Expert Developers Team


Assembled a skilled developers team dedicated to crafting and perfecting our innovative project.

Q2 2023

User Adoption and Valuable Feedback


Developing of additional episodes and expand the content library, include of diverse storylines, exciting adventures, and educational themes. Scale the platform to target the CA and UK markets.

Q4 2023

Development and User Acquisition

Integration with three additional load boards and further technical enhancements.

Q2 2024

AI Assistant Integration

This will enable drivers to control the app using voice commands, provide updates, and receive necessary information directly while driving.

Q4 2024

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